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When I started out as a Realtor® in Las Vegas, the market was crazy. Foreclosures and short sales were the norm. Even veteran agents were struggling. Unable to compete or evolve, many left the real estate industry. As a new real estate agent with basic training and little real world experience, I ventured out into the field to try to sell houses.

And got pummeled.

One couple deserted me because I didn’t know how to use my newfangled real estate software to find homes in their desired neighborhood. Another buyer fired me because I got him lost—twice—while out viewing  properties. And, I failed to get offers accepted because my paperwork was a mess. I was clueless.

If only I knew then what I know now.

That's why I wrote this book. So that new agents can avoid rookie mistakes, close more deals, and build success sooner in their real estate career.


Las Vegas, NV

"A realtor needs to be honest, trustworthy, caring, available, dependable, and willing to fight for the best deal for you. They are assisting you in the biggest expense of your life! I can truly say that Bill has all of the qualities above, and has the experience and knowledge needed to guide you through the process of buying and selling a home. Without question, he goes the extra mile for his clients."


I've been a Realtor® in the Las Vegas area since 2012. Before that, I worked almost 20 years in retail management, where I learned how to take care of each customer’s needs.

Now, I bring that personal touch to real estate. Just as every escrow is different, so is every client. I work to save my clients money and get them the best deals. Every step of the way, I treat them as people, not numbers.

I became an agent because I wanted to be my own boss and help people fulfill their dreams. When my clients succeed, I succeed. As an agent with the top real estate company in Las Vegas, I'm able to assist my clients in ways that agents with other brokerages can't, and I'm proud of that.

Real estate is not just a job, it's a lifestyle. It's a life I live not only with my family and friends but also with my clients—many of whom have become my friends along the way. 


Bill Giannini Realtor and Author from Las Vegas


Las Vegas, NV

"Bill was patient and eager to help anyway he can. He answered my questions and concerns at any time of the day. We looked at a homes and I never felt pressured to buy from him. He also sold our home for us. We got a full offer before our home was even officially listed! He did a great job for us with both the buying and selling process. I would recommend him to everyone. "

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North Las Vegas, NV

"Mr. Giannini was a pleasure to work with. He was spot on with finding homes that we wished to look at. The most incredible thing about Bill was his attention to detail and his 24/7 availability. One of the very best realtors we have ever had the opportunity to work with. I cannot provide a recommendation that would justify my feelings for someone that not only helped us buy a home, but became a friend."

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Most buyers begin their search online, but won't get much further without guidance from an experienced Realtor® who knows every step of the home buying process. I know that: 

  • Financing sometimes can be difficult.
  • Properties in your favorite neighborhood might be hard to find.
  • Builder's salespeople are not on your side.


  • You may face multiple offers on every house you like.

I'll work alongside you to get past these issues. And, I can save you money in ways many other agents can't. Let me take you from that first online search to the front door of your new home.


Selling property is a competitive business, especially in the Las Vegas area. As a seller, you have choices:

  • Accept a lower-than-market cash offer from a wholesale outfit that will flip your property once you're gone.
  • List with an old-fashioned brokerage that will charge you a high commission so they can pay for their big brand name.
  • Try selling it "by owner," face frustrated buyers, and take a huge reduction in price—if you can sell at all.


  • Work with me, an established Realtor® with the contacts, knowledge, and skills to get you happily closed. 

How do I do it?


Looking to buy or sell in the Las Vegas area? I want to hear from you. We'll discuss your unique situation. If you're motivated, I'm motivated too. I'll show you how we can be successful together!


Seattle, WA

"Since we live in another state, we needed an honest realtor who was knowledgeable with the ever-changing market conditions in Las Vegas. We also needed a realtor who would respond promptly to our questions and keep a close eye on the vacant property. Bill is knowledgeable, professional, responsive to clients' needs, and very thorough. He established a fair sales price for the house, helped us navigate through multiple offers, and stayed on top of every detail to insure a successful closing."



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